Help For Somalia


SWISSO Kalmo (SK) is an independent, non profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to provide vital health care and to respond the relief of human suffering throughout the Somali community and worldwide. SK was founded in 1990, on the grounds of long activity of team of Swiss and Somali intellectuals and professionals whose aim is to respond effectively to human suffering through provision of health care services and facilitate emergency relief for natural and man-made disasters; deliver a reliable high quality and support the success community based health projects; apply relevant, up to date empirical evidence; and build the capacity of health workers and community based organizations

Our story

Health & Nutrition

SK is implementing health and nutrition programmes in Somalia, through supporting primary health care (PHC) under the essential package of health services (EPHS), therapeutic feeding centres, hospitals and vertical projects such as Malaria, TB and HIV/Aids.


Food security

Water and Sanitation (WASH)

SK is supporting the local community through the improvement of water quality in order to enhance hygiene and sanitation of the vulnerable communities in Somalia. The prevention and control of diarrhea diseases including cholera through water source chlorination and community mobilization while providing training on the proper management of domestic waste, hand washing, control of flies, food preparation/proper cooking, boiling of drinking water and home sanitation strategies. Furthermore, SK seeks to increase community awareness of sanitation through health education and information dissemination.